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Aldergrove Kennels was established in 1966 and like all good things that improve with age… Aldergrove Kennels became Aldergrove Kennels @ What’s in a name? In this case it happens to be our email address, web address and phone number... But most importantly, it's become a sign of confidence to our customers. We still offer “good old-fashioned service" – and it just keeps on getting better!

We specialize in all aspects of family dog training. Our training covers obedience, behaviours and aggressions. Training classes range from raising a new puppy to teaching older dogs what they may have missed-out on earlier in life. Our unique training methods differ from many traditional ones in a very positive way. We never hit dogs, scold dogs or punish dogs. We never say NO! We only say GOOD! Why say NO! for doing it wrong when you can say GOOD! for doing it right!

We sell a full-line of dog training equipment and dog accessories. We also buy, sell, rent and trade all sizes of new and used airline approved dog kennels and dog runs. Please call for more information or to make an appointment.

For more information or to make an appointment call:
Vancouver: 604 856-3647 Abbotsford: 604 852-1125
26306 56th Avenue, Langley, BC V4W 1J7

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